10.5 Things to do to get more local leads

Local Business? Use my checklist below, do it and then send me a thank you note.

1. Make sure your website loads quickly and is responsive and works on all devices.

2. Write content that answers questions potential clients type in to Google.

3. Make sure your website provides clear calls-to-action e.g. chat, phone, email, download, intro consultation.

4. Use testimonials and case studies. Highlight problems clients had and the way you solved them.

5. Make sure that your Google My Business listing is accurate, (Maps).

6. Ensure you get as many positive reviews on Google as possible for each department and respond to them using good local and business keywords.

7. Use the Google posts feature to highlight offers, content and activities taking place weekly.

8. Ensure you get all your citations and directory sites you are listed on consistent with your NAP, name, address and phone number.

9. Build a local presence online by getting links from charities, events, newspapers etc by sponsoring and having a PR campaign.

10. Monitor traffic to your website with Google Analytics and Google My Business phone App so you can see progress.

10.5 Use video on your website to engage visitors. Use Snagit, or YouTube Live to do videos answering questions that prospects ask.

There you go, a short checklist that you can use to get loads more business from your local area. If you don’t have time…just pay someone to do it for you.

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