A new way of working…

So we’re starting to come out of lockdown…and things will never be the same again. Millions of people have worked from home and found that…they like it.

It’s productive, there’s no wasted travel time and mostly the technology works to have “meetings” if required. The key to making working from home work is getting the briefing right.

What we miss from face to face conversations are the small facial expressions that make it easier to understand where someone is coming from. We do gain a lot of understanding from gestures and body language too.

So this makes it doubly important to get a briefing right from the start that leaves you in no doubt what the client wants. From a producer point of view this makes it more profitable, because you don’t have to do lots of work over again as you get it right first time.

From a commissioner’s point of view it saves time as you get work done right first time, it saves frustration having to tell the creator “it isn’t quite right” and gets the relationship working better.

Whether you are hiring a music creator in California or a video editor in Madrid, make sure they ask for a full brief or offer one yourself. It will save everybody a lot of miscommunication in these difficult times.

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