I’ve never used an agency before. Should I use you?

You could give it a go and try us our on something. If we perform well, then you might consider us doing more for you. Other people use us, but that doesn’t mean your results will be the same as theirs. They could be better or worse. Often, it also depends on you taking our recommendations on board, rather than just us doing all the work. It’s a team thing.


We help companies find, get, keep and grow clients. That’s what we are best at. Because we are in business ourselves, we understand what a business owner wants.

So we will be honest, risk-share, do our best, but sometimes things do fail. That’s not our fault or your fault. It didn’t work. It’s not personal.

How Do I Start?

Ideally we might meet. We discuss the proposed work and then we tell you what it will cost and the likely outcome. However, if it’s a straight service that is relatively simple we don’t have to meet if you don’t have time. (Things like optimising your Google My Business Listing can be done from afar).

Do you have client service?

Yes, we do. It’s called the telephone and email and lunch. Just phone when you want to Monday-Friday normal business hours.

Where are you based?

Because of our approach, you may find the person doing your work is based in Portsmouth if they’re doing Facebook advertising or Madrid if they are doing video editing. You will always find the main man in Reading, Berkshire.

Boyd Butler holds client meetings at the Millennium Madejski Hotel, just off junction 11, M4, RG2 OFL or The Malmaison Hotel just opposite Reading Station, RG1 1JX.

You should not be put off by the fact that this is not a fully-serviced agency with big offices in Reading city-centre. Frankly, we get better results by using a range of people who want to work from home, like the flexibility and are prepared to work for less cash.