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Google My Business is a serious place on the internet for your company.

If you are found on Google for the search “Solicitor Reading” for example and you get 697 visits to your website, then this could result in a substantial amount of business.

So it makes sense for any local business to get their Google My Business listing optimised, post messages and generally try and rank for as many search terms as possible via Google My Business Maps.

Where do you start? The first thing I would do is claim the listing and just do the basics of checking the facts are right. These are things like Name, Address, Phone Number etc. Then I would download the Google My Business App for my smartphone. It helps me to keep up to date with client listings, respond to reviews and post short stories and offers easily while on the move.

Once you start seeing that you get calls and clicks from your Google My Business listing, it pretty much makes it obvious that if you make more effort you will get more calls. But as so few companies have a strategy for this, it’s almost guaranteed that ANY MAJOR EFFORT will have an impact on your success.

Just getting a dozen or so five star reviews on the Google My Business listing may be enough for you to rank for some searches. No-one can second guess Google, but doing nothing means you will fall behind. Doing even a little of the right thing means you will probably get ahead.

My training on Google My Business is available and you can find it here

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