Have you got a personal mastermind group?

Everybody needs mentors. Everybody needs a coach.

There’s simply no way you can know everything you need to know, or come up with all the right answers on your own.

You need to hand pick a small group, maybe 3-5 people, who can help you with your business. These shouldn’t necessarily be people in you profession or same line of business.

In fact, the more variety you can get, probably the better. But make sure you are hooking up with successful people with a positive attitude.

Bouncing ideas off people can mean one plus one equals three. One brain working with another brain never results in two brains. The ideas that form in the middle give you three brains working on problems, sharing ideas, helping each other.

The caveat is that you find smart, positive and enthusiastic people. You don’t want to choose people that rain on your parade, because they don’t have any of their own.

And when you create your mastermind group, ensure that you share any new knowledge or ideas that you come across in books or magazines or newspapers.

If you go on any courses or seminars share the knowledge with your mastermind group. The more ideas you have the more you have a chance of finding and implementing a good one that will make you profits.

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