When you have rubbish reviews on Google what do you do?

When you get bad reviews, the best thing you can do is get dozens of great reviews on Google. It’s an antidote.

But how do you do that? One way is simply to ask for them. By email.

I have done this hundreds of times. And here is the format of the email my clients use.


Hello, it’s Jonny from Trafalgar Wharf/The Drystack here and I’d like to ask you a quick favour?

A few of our clients have reviewed us on Google and I was just wondering if you could take a minute to give us a good review if you’ve been happy with what we do for you?

 If you have a Google account, either Gmail or YouTube, you can log in and use this link https://bit.ly/2yxcztT  to get straight to The Drystack on Google and click the “Write Review” button.

Reviews help us get more good boat owners to come and see what we’ve got so it’s really helpful. (you’ll have to log in with your YouTube or Gmail account to write the review though).

The sort of thing you can say is what sort of boat you have, what you think about the people who work here, how quickly we launch, how the Drystack saves maintenance and whether you would recommend us to other boat owners looking for great storage on the Solent/Portsmouth area. (Please mention Portsmouth/Solent in your review if possible).

I’m giving away some Beach Hut Café vouchers to give away to some lucky reviewers – so you never know, it could be you!

Thank you for your support..

PS, that link to go right to our review page on Google is here https://bit.ly/2yxcztT


So that’s it, a simple, friendly email that is personalised and asks people to leave a review. It also gives a rough guide as to what might be a good thing to write.

Now this is not rocket science, but when a lawyer gets 74 reviews in a few months, and a car dealer gets 35 reviews in a few weeks, and a boat club gets 19 reviews in a couple of days, it does mean that this method works.

Sometimes marketing is really simple. It just takes a bit of action.

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