Get your reviews to sell for you.

We’ve been coaching clients on how to get reviews because they are extremely important.

  1. Reviews get you better search rankings
  2. They convert more views to clicks/calls
  3. It’s a way of knowing you are good at what you do

But you may find it a bit weird that we “coach” clients to get reviews. Why the hell should anyone need coaching to ask someone to review them?

Well, the fact that 90% of businesses don’t systematically ask for reviews should tell you something. People are LAZY, LACK KNOWLEDGE, SHY, LACK CONFIDENCE, DON’T KNOW HOW, EMBARRASSED….

Yes, a whole range of reasons and excuses come up when we suggest getting reviews as part of a standard working day. So what can be done?

We coach our clients to understand why they are important, how to get them by asking in the right way and at the right time, how to prompt clients to say the right thing and finally, how to use the reviews to get more business and crucially, more reviews.

If you want to get more reviews then get in touch and we’ll coach you too.

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