Internet Marketing

If you have a website and it isn’t one of your top marketing tools then you need help. Because even existing clients go on your website expecting to be engaged. So let’s do a bit of an audit for you…and report back.

We base the report on SIX factors. Value Proposition, Relevance, Clarity, Urgency, Distraction and Anxiety. Don’t worry, it will be very clear very quickly why you are not getting as many clients as you should be.

Reputation and Reviews Management

You either have not enough reviews, they aren’t good enough or you don’t have any. The worse case scenario is you have bad reviews and lots of them. Reviews say a lot about you. They are very powerful business winners and losers. Don’t just leave it to chance. Fake reviews that damage you can also be addressed.

Public Relations

If you want a press release that is likely to get you into your chosen magazine or newspaper then we may be able to do that for you. The better the release, the less the journalist has to do, the more relevant it is – the more likely it will get in. It’s usually cheaper and more effective than an advertisement…but not always.

Social Media and Advertising

Do you want a great LinkedIn profile, engaging posts, and a network of people who become your marketing partners? That’s possible. You just have to tell us who you target person is, what you want to say to them and what personality you want to put across.

Do you want to target your local area for your business using Facebook? Then we can handle that too. All it takes is a small budget to test out some adverts, get some leads and then when it works, scale it up. Spend £100 get £500 back. Sound like a good deal?

Whether Google Ads, Native Advertising, Facebook, or social posting, we can help.

Google My Business/Maps

You probably don’t know this but if you are a local business you are likely to be missing out from a lot of prospects if you don’t have a completely up to date Google My Business listing. And by up to date, we don’t just mean photos and opening hours. We’re talking posts, offers, consistent NAP (Name, address, telephone number) Questions and Answers, great 5 star reviews and replies.

Marketing manual/systems

As you grow, you’ll want to document all the processes and systems and marketing tools you are using. Because if you do, then you’ll have an asset that could be worth millions. Seriously. Just one advert that consistently allows you to make profits day in day out – could be the key to growing exponentially. Unfortunately, it is still about maths.


Head shots, product shots, creative shots. Video explainers, interviews, drones. We’ve got experts that can help you put it all together. We live in a visual world, where people have big TVs and small libraries. You should really be using photos and videos everyday in your marketing.

Personal Branding – Be The Expert

People that call you after reading or hearing about you are pre-sold. They will ask for you by name and you’ll never have to sell anything to anyone… Learn More

Anything Else? Like Bots and text messaging and Automated marketing and email newsletters and things like that you mean…

Yes, we do all those things that most agencies do. But also some things which they don’t. Like Text Messaging. Yes, the humble SMS which gets a 90% open rate. And email newsletters, that connect your clients and prospects with you every week or month so they are ready to buy from you (and not your rival firm that keeps trying to steal them away).

Which means that we have a bunch of independent experts who can do what you need. Whether writing your Google Ads to handling a citation issue on directories. Or Bots that ask questions or Autoresponders that deliver automated marketing follow up.

Next Steps…

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