Test, Test, and Test Again for Success.

Testing – I want you to test things.

It’s only by testing things that you can push back barriers, that you can make improvements and become a KOTBOT – that’s keeping on top by being on top.

For example, Pricing – Test it – it gives you more money to market with.

If you are charging £120 for a service increase it to £147. If you are charging £160, change it to £187.

Let me tell you a story about how successful this can be. I have a client, Toolkit Websites – Marcus Green had built up a business over ten years and had 500 clients at £250 set up and £25 a month. I asked Marcus what he really wanted to achieve. He told me he wanted to buy a million pound house on in West Wittering so he could do more kite surfing.

I told him he was too cheap and his websites should be £477 set up and £25 a month. He tried it. He increased his conversions. He instantly had £150 extra profit and £77 to market with.

With that £77 he bought leads at £25 a time. He converted one of these at £477.

And now it’s just a question of finding ways to get enough leads. Result?

In two years he’s gained more than a million pounds, grown to 1900 clients x £477 = £781,000 plus £37,800 continuous Monthly revenue Remember to test the upsell and downsell.

Have a luxury version and a basic version. Roughly 15% of people will take your de-luxe version if you offer it.

Test recording the calls coming in to your office. You’ll soon hear why you aren’t making as many conversions as you should be. Because you’ll realise people forget to ask the right questions, don’t follow up, or just don’t offer the right service. People don’t always leave a message.

Test headlines; Test Pay per Click Ads, Test Classified Ads, and Test Text Marketing.

The more you test and tweak and refine, the more times you’ll fail. But as Michael Jordan found out, the more times you fail, the more times you succeed. And when you succeed, make sure you get people to openly appreciate you

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