97% open rate in 3 minutes

There’s something about text messaging that makes it extremely effective. And addictive. It’s the little ping on your phone that makes you look at it immediately.

So when you are a business that wants to let people know about an offer, the most successful way of doing it is via the humble sms message.

It costs around 6 pence to send a text message. You can send as many as you like in one go. So if you have 500 car owners who had a service last May and are due another service…then you can text them for £30. (Providing you have their mobile number of course).

The text message is ideal for restaurants, (having a special night or offer?) garages, pubs, clubs and any other business that has clients who might want to purchase again.

It’s a great way of reminding people they need an update e.g. MOT or perhaps professional service….get your Will updated by your solicitor.

It simple, it’s cost effective, it gets opened. What’s not to like?

If you want a text service set up, text us on 0795 1284875.

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