Why Loyalty is better than Satisfaction…(sorry Mick)

It’s ok for you to have satisfied clients. Just as it’s ok to have a satisfied husband or wife.

But wouldn’t you prefer that they are loyal?

Don’t ever believe that they will automatically think of you.

There’s some other firm trying to seduce them away every single minute of the day.

So please, write to all your existing clients – tell them something that will be of use to them, make them an offer, tell them what else you have, get them to refer you, ask them for a testimonial.

To keep your herd intact you must interact. Regularly.

One law firm told me they had 10,000 wills. And the last time they had written to the will bank was several years ago. Don’t you think there may be some untapped cash in that list?

Whatever clients you have the best way to keep them intact is to write to them. Try it and test it. Try 100 letters. Make a great offer. Track the response. Tweak it and re-test.

One solicitor told me one of his clients spent £25,000 12 months after he received his newsletter.

Newsletters are so easy to formulate and you can easily track the response to them. You can demonstrate your expertise. You can use the content as a press release, on your website or even create a video.

There are even services which provide done for your newsletters. Make sure the content is valuable, interesting and easy to read. Bullet points are always good for skim readers.

Even if your offer doesn’t hit home with your existing list, maybe someone will refer you to a family member or friend or business colleague.

So sorry Sir Mick, it’s not that you can’t get No Satisfaction. It’s just that you can’t get No Loyalty.

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