Why testimonials help you sell more…

Testimonials – it’s social proof.

It’s more potent than anything you can say. Everyone is cynical. But they will believe people that aren’t paid to say something.

They are frightened of making a mistake and seeing testimonials means they are re-assured.

Boxes of testimonial letters… Links on emails, online reviews are a form of testimonial.

It’s social proof, one of the key psychological influencers, that you are good.

There are two types of testimonials. Good guy and financial facts. Good guy says you are great to work with. Financial facts say you saved someone £5000 or made them £5000.

And before you think it’s not possible to quantify the amount of money you save someone, imagine what it’s worth if you enable someone to buy a house in 1 month instead of 3.

That’s 2 months of someone’s life you are saving. That’s probably worth £5000 of anyone’s money.

Video testimonials are one of the best type of testimonials you can get. Because seeing and hearing what someone has to say is very powerful. It’s very easy to shoot a video testimonial and even an I Phone can take a video, upload it to YouTube and be of decent quality.

Here’s probably the best video testimonial in the world.

Pretty sure you can get your own version of this…

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